LEW Belt Conveyors

With over 25 years of experience and thousands of conveyor systems in operation, LEW has created a niche for itself in the market. At LEW we offer you a range of conveyor systems which are safe, reliable and easy to maintain. All our conveyors are fitted with only the premium quality gear boxes and motors. Being a leading material handling equipment manufacturer, LEW will bring you satisfaction by improving your competitiveness in the market through high quality reliable products. Years of market study, strict quality control during production, exhaustive in house testing and proper machining has ensured that the conveyor systems provided by us perform better than all others even in adverse working environments.



Salient Features:
– Higher load carrying capacity even for the same widths and speeds due to special design
– Easy installation, handling and dismantling
– Premium quality plates (bent), gearboxes, motors and idlers
– Minimum usage of welding and more stress on bolting system which enables easy folding of the entire conveyor and assists in transportation or re-handling as well


An entire conveyor system includes drum pulleys (head pulley rubberized), carrying rollers, return rollers, impact rollers (rubberized), deck plates, skid boards, v- scrappers, conveyor belt, gearbox, motor etc. and LEW has all the necessary means and expertise to provide you with all these through our in house manufacturing facility itself.
We manufacture conveyors both in standard as well as customized forms (channel type and plate bent type) as per your requirement.