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Dr. Sharma is one of the most experienced and skilled doctors in the area of Faridabad, with a reputed work record. He specialises in AV fistula for dialysis, renal transplants, and kidney stone surgeries. He has worked as a consultant urologist in the chain of RG Stone Hospitals mainly Faridabad and Delhi, before that in B.T. Savani Kidney Hospital, Rajkot as well. Dr. Sharma is a man of strong word and motivation, which makes him a board-certified urologist. He has accomplished 5000 plus and more kidney stone surgeries and many other successful urological surgeries, with healthy and satisfied patients. He is not only prominent for his surgeries but also for his knowledgeable contribution in several publications and also being a major part of many camps. He is the right choice for the people who are looking for best Urologist. He has received several accolades in his field of specialisation, further authenticating his work. He also organises occasional programs for periodic health monitoring of his clients.

Work Experience

- R G STONE Hospitals Network

Senior consultant QRG hospital (Nov’16 – March’18)
(Full Time Consultant Urologist)
Working as consultant urologist in RG stone urology hospital Delhi and Faridabad
Hospital Profile:
One of the leading hospitals in urology care in India with Pan-India 16 branches.

- B.T. Savani Kidney Hospital, Rajkot

Full time Consultant Urologist (June’14 – Nov’16)
Hospital Profile:
A STATE OF THE ART KIDNEY INSTITUTE with comprehensive management of all kinds of Kidney Diseases under one roof. Endourology, Laparoscopy, Open Surgery, Vascular Access surgery, ESWL, Urodynamics, Andrology

- Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Senior Registrar Urology (Apr’13 – June’14)
Hospital Profile:
The flagship hospital of the Apollo Group, Apollo Hospitals Chennai, was established in 1983. Today it is one of the most respected hospitals in the world, and is also amongst the most preferred destinations for both patients from several parts of India, as well as for medical tourism and medical value travel. The hospital specializes in cutting-edge medical procedures. It has over 60 departments spearheaded by internationally trained doctors who are skillfully supported by dedicated patient-care personnel. It is one of the few hospitals in Chennai that have state of the art facilities for various health disorders. It has been a pioneer among the hospitals in Chennai, and even in India, in many different treatments and procedures.

PPSS Hospital, Haryana

Senior Residency – Laparoscopic Surgery (Sep’06 – Apr’10)



Dr. Sharma did his MBBS from the prestigious Saurashtra University of Gujarat 2001 and continued his MS in General Surgery from the same college. Subsequently advanced to SKIMS Srinagar, J&K for his FACRS.
Dr Neeraj developed a keen interest in Urology and joined Apollo Hospital, Chennai as DNB trainee.


MBBS,  MS(Surg),  FAIS, DNB (Uro)


– Worked as Consultant Urologist, RG Stone Hospital, Delhi and Faridabad
– Worked as Consultant Urologist in B.T. Savani Kidney Hospital, Rajkot
– Worked as Senior Registrar in Urology at Apollo Hospital, Chennai
– Worked as Senior Resident In Laparoscopic surgery in PPSS Hospital Haryana
– DNB UROLOGY  by NATIONAL BOARD, 2010-2012 Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
– FACRS from ACRS INDIA, 2008-2009 SKIMS Srinagar, J&K
– M.S. General Surgery Saurashtra University, Gujarat, 2002- 2005
– M.B.B.S Saurashtra University, Gujarat, 1996 – 2001


Among the excessiveness of treatments Dr. Sharma specialises in 3 major ones:

1. AV Fistula Dialysis

AV Fistula is a surgical affiliation created between a vein associated an artery, generally its created within the arm however as an alternative it can also be created in your leg. With this affiliation the blood flows directly from the artery to the vein, whereas increasing the pressure level and also the quantity of flowing blood. These enlarged veins produce the adequate phenomena for haemodialysis. AV Fistula are the preferred vascular access for long term dialysis as unlike others they last longer, are less prone to infection and clotting, furthermore can be relied upon for predictable performance. This treatment has its bright side additionally, with no implantation of any style of artificial material helping in fast return to your daily activities, to a lot of to your advantage this is often associated with patient procedure underneath anesthesia. This surgical operation is dialysis patient’s lifeline, and is best to be done before six months of dialysis.

2. Renal Treatment

Sometimes our kidneys aren’t able to separate out and clean blood, which may lead to accumulation of harmful waste in massive amounts. This development is named excretory organ or kidney failure, which may additionally result in death if not treated on time. Renal disorder encompasses plenty of issues from not obtaining enough blood to filter to diseases like polygenic disease and nephritis (damage to the kidney’s small filters) to blockage created by stones or connective tissue. This varies from a someone perhaps laid low with acute excretory organ failure(ARF) to chronic excretory organ failure(CRF). Understanding the treatment, you decide on and obtaining the idea of the concept that you just would like this treatment takes time. Every style of treatment has pros and cons. Your selection of treatment can have a giant impact on your way of life. By learning regarding the variations among treatment choices, you’ll opt for the one that may be best for you. The more you know about the types of treatment, the better prepared you may be to make a choice. There are a unit lots various choices on the market, the most important ones are- dialysis, serous membrane chemical analysis, excretory organ transplant, conservative management.

3. Kidney Stone Surgeries

Kidney stones or “silent” killers, that occasionally surface in the form of waves of torturesome pain. The symptoms are never clear or direct, its largely ambivalent. These symptoms vary from a pointy, cramping pain within the back and facet, typically moving to the lower abdomen or groin. Some ladies say the pain is worse than birth labor pains. The pain typically starts suddenly and comes in waves. It will return and go because the body tries to eliminate the stone, through a sense of intense need to urinate. Urinating a lot of typically or a burning feeling throughout excreting. pee that’s dark or red because of blood, typically pee has solely tiny amounts of red blood cells that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Nausea and unconditioned reflex. For men, you will feel pain at the tip of the erectile organ. These stones are primarily caused by- low pee volume, diet, internal organ conditions and blubber, medical conditions, medications and case history. As for involved treatment again and again, tiny stones will simply travel itself, medications facilitate in easier removal, as for large stones surgery is that the most viable choice.

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We guarantee the safety and sterility of medical equipment as well as the non-disclosure of information.

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We use only the most modern medical equipment, skills for modern trends and innovations introducing into our practice.

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Dr. Sharma has received a number of international accolades and is recognised worldwide for his exemplary skills.

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Modern medicine is developing very quickly and we can offer our clients the most up-to-date approaches and protocols.

Health Monitoring

At Dr. Sharma’s facility, conduct occasional programs facilitating our clients to periodically visit us to monitor their health.